The SpeakerMC Show

The SpeakerMC Show is  All About Relationships.  The show explores how we relate to not only each other but also to ourselves, our money and our environment.  Our 60 minute show will leave you riveted and inspired!  Join the conversation!

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The #SpeakerMCShow is All About Relationships - #relationships to ourselves, others, our money, etc.  It is a live, interactive broadcast for 60 minutes, featuring two (2) guests per show, hosted by Marcia Chambers, discussing a specific show topic.  The conversation delves into the root causes of our relationship dysfunctions, descriptions of how we identify these issues in our day-to-day lives and provide us solutions how to improve. Join our Facebook Group (The SpeakerMC Green Room) and participate in the conversation.    

BECOME A SPONSOR AND expose your brand

All businesses need additional exposure.  Social media and word of mouth are great.  How about utilizing additional platforms to assist you gain that exposure?

The SpeakerMC Show has commercial slots available to start ups seeking this brand awareness.  Our reach spans to over 350,000 globally and over 5,000 locally.  Our demographic are 42% male and 58% female, catering to 62% entrepreneurs.

If you find alignment with our message of relationships - how we relate to our food, money, others and ourselves - then contact us.  Click the button below.


The guests of The SpeakerMC Show are expert in different fields.  Our guests  gift us with their wealth of knowledge as well as endow us with a free gift at the end of the show.  Please feel free to align yourself with them and their communities on our behalf.  Further the conversation with them at any time.  

Click the link below for the roster of our guests.  

If you wish to be a guest on The SpeakerMC Show, please connect with our host, Marcia Chambers via email at: