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The new outfit for today's woman, is CONFIDENCE!  Self Confidence ~ the feeling or belief that you can rely on someone or something ~ yourself!  Trust in yourself.

Yes, it begins with YOU.  Your Sexuality, Your Empowerment, all start with SELF.  Once you trust in yourself, then the confidence manifests into a strong presence.  It shapes your walk, your talk, the way you lick your lips, the stunning effect your entry has on a crowded room.  The magnetic quality and charm that affects others who want desperately to be in your presence. 

Marcia Chambers has created the perfect community for women to gain information about the healing and pleasurable benefits of adult toys that will help them achieve Sexual Wellness & Empowered Living Lifestyles ~ S.W.E.L.L.  She offers Master Classes, Fireside Chats, Retreats and so much more to help you rid your bed of the frustration and mistrust, the betrayal and unfulfilled desires; shift your expectations to develop trust; and build your self esteem to fortify your confidence in you!

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  • Too many women are "settling" into comfortable yet unsatisfying relationships!
  • Too many women feel as if their partners NEVER listen to them nor hear them!
  • Too many women have no time because they are too busy taking care of EVERYONE ELSE and not themselves!.


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S.W.E.L.L for Women - Woman of the Month

MATA HARI ~ aUGUST 7 1876-OCTOBER 15 1917




Mata Hari was born as Margaretha Geertruida Zelle to parents Adam Zelle and Antje van der Meulen. She was born in LeeuwardenNetherlands.

She was the eldest of four children. When she was 15 years old her mother died and they were sent along with her siblings to various relatives.

At an early age, Mata Hari decided that sexuality was her ticket in life. When she was 18 she answered a newspaper ad seeking a bride for Rudolf MacLeod, a military captain based in the Dutch East Indies. She sent a striking photo of herself to entice him. Despite a 21-year age difference, they were wed. Their marriage spawned two children named Norman-John MacLeod and Louise Jeanne MacLeod. Her marriage ended with divorce due to MacLeod’s heavy drinking and abusive behavior.


By 1905, Mata Hari began to win fame as an exotic dancer. She made her way to Paris where she reinvented herself as an Indian Temple dancer thoroughly trained in the erotic dances of the East. With characteristic confidence, she seized the moment. She billed herself as a Hindu artist, draped in veils—which she artfully dropped from her body. She was photographed numerous times during this period, nude or nearly so. 

Completing her dramatic transformation from military wife to siren of the East, she coined her stage name, "Mata Hari," which means "eye of the day" in Indonesian dialect. A French journalist described Mata Hari as "so feline, extremely feminine, majestically tragic, the thousand curves and movements of her body trembling in a thousand rhythms." 

Sexuality and Sensuality of BETTIE PaGE

Mata Hari brought a carefree provocative style to the stage in her act, which garnered wide acclaim. The most celebrated segment of her act was her progressive shedding of clothing until she wore just a jeweled bra and some ornaments upon her arms and head. She helped turn the striptease into an art form and captivated critics.

Promiscuous, flirtatious, and openly flaunting her body, Mata Hari captivated her audiences. Her act was successful because it elevated exotic dance to a more respectable status and so broke new ground in a style of entertainment.

Mata Hari was accused of being a German spy. She was executed by firing squad on October 15, 1917, after French authorities learned of her alleged double agency.


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