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The new outfit for today's woman, is CONFIDENCE!  Self Confidence ~ the feeling or belief that you can rely on someone or something ~ yourself!  Trust in yourself.

Yes, it begins with YOU.  Your Sexuality, Your Empowerment, all start with SELF.  Once you trust in yourself, then the confidence manifests into a strong presence.  It shapes your walk, your talk, the way you lick your lips, the stunning effect your entry has on a crowded room.  The magnetic quality and charm that affects others who want desperately to be in your presence. 

Well, let me introduce myself.  My name’s Marcia, Marcia Chambers, aka SpeakerMC.  As a Speaker and Sexual Wellness Consultant, I help married women who are lonely in their relationships to get more S.L.U.T.T.Y. – more Sex, more Love, more Understanding and more Tenderness, to You.

Need more Sex, Love, Understanding and Tenderness To You - Get the S.L.U.T.T.Y back!

Need more Sex, Love, Understanding and Tenderness To You - Get the S.L.U.T.T.Y back!

How?  Through an 8-week online experience called “Bring Back that Lovin’ Feeling,” so that you’ll FEEL CONNECTED and FEEL APPRECIATED in your relationship.  So that you’ll FINALLY give yourself permission to be sensual and sexual, while YOU Unleash your Inner Sexual Goddesses. 

I created a platform called S.W.E.L.L. for Women – Sexual Wellness & Empowered Living Lifestyles for Women, because there are so many people exchanging DNA without ASKING the pertinent questions.  For example: “Do you want kids?”  “Are you open to seeing other people or just me?”  Now because YOU DIDN’T ASK, then YOU DON’T KNOW.

And, before you know, it spirals into dysfunction, with no COMMUNICATION, no UNDERSTANDING and non-stop FRUSTRATION!!

Why do you think we have so many traffic jams?  People are going to places they don't wanna go any more, they don't want to be there!  To a stressful and unfulfilling job - where you feel invisible; or home, to the arguments and frustrations, because .. well, things just aren't working right now.  Again, you're feeling invisible, you DO SO MUCH for EVERYONE, and, uuggh, ..  just frustrated! 

  With the help of virtual media, my message to women about sexual wellness and empowerment is shared through Podcasts, Radio Shows and Tv Shows.  If you would like some more information,  updates about upcoming events or more tips that will enhance and add value to your life, then click here  http://www.marciachambers.com/new-events.  

Thanks for your company and chat soon @Speak2MC! !

The feeling you get when you get your S.L.U.T.T.Y back!


S.W.E.L.L for Women - Woman of the Month

ALICE WALKER ~ February 9, 1944 -PRESENT

ALICE WALKER ~ The Color Purple, Womanism.

ALICE WALKER ~ The Color Purple, Womanism.



Alice Malsenior Walker was born on February 9, 1944, in Eatonton, Georgia. The youngest daughter of sharecroppers, she grew up poor. Her mother worked as a maid to help support the family's eight children. 

When Walker was 8 years old, she suffered a serious injury: She was shot in the right eye with a BB pellet while playing with two of her brothers. Whitish scar tissue formed in her damaged eye, and she became self-conscious of this visible mark.

After high school, Walker attended Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia and graduated in 1965 from Sarah Lawrence College in Yonkers, New York. Her junior year she spent as a summer exchange student in Uganda.

She was married to activist Mel Leventhal from 1967 to 1976; the couple had one daughter, Rebecca Walker (also a prominent activist and writer).


After college, Walker worked as a social worker, teacher and lecturer. She became active in the Civil Rights Movement, fighting for equality for all African Americans. Her experiences informed her first collection of poetry, Once, which was published in 1968. 

Walker's career as a writer took flight with the publication of her third novel, The Color Purple, in 1982. Set in the early 1900s, the novel explores the female African-American experience through the life and struggles of its narrator, Celie.

Celie suffers terrible abuse at the hands of her father, and later, from her husband. The compelling work won Walker both the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and the National Book Award for Fiction in 1983.

Sexuality and Sensuality 

Alice Walker is an African-American novelist, short story writer, poet, and activist. She wrote the critically acclaimed novel The Color Purple for which she won the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.

Her writings also focus on the role of women of color in culture and history. Walker is a respected figure in the liberal political community for her support of unconventional and unpopular views as a matter of principle. She is an open bisexual, and sympathetic of people of all sexualities, ethnicities, and races.

Walker feminism specifically included advocacy of women of color. Walker coined the term "womanism" to mean "Black feminism". The term was made to unite colored feminists under one term. She said, "Womanism" gives us a word of our own.”


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