Love Potion No. 10!

"Not tonight, I have a headache!" How many times this week have you used this line?  Are you no longer in the mood?  Why?  Is something wrong with you?  Your libido has gone loco!!  

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Your sexual desire.  Has yours gone Loco?  When it lowers, it is said that you have a low libido or losing your libido.  Your Mojo!  Clinically, it is a Female Sexual Dysfunction called hypoactive sexual desire.  It’s a recurring absence of sexual activity or thoughts.

Studies have shown that 43% of women 18 – 59 years old suffer from one or more of the Female Sexual Dysfunctions, of which Low Libido (Hypoactive Sexual Desire), is one. This calculates to about 40 million women. our sexual desire.

This can be caused by several reasons:  (1) life stresses (2) depression, (3) hypertension, (4) diabetes, (5) Irritable bowel (6) thyroid disease (7) cancer (8) medication.  These are just a few of the possible reasons why you are no longer in the mood.

 Here are 2 natural grown products that you can pick up at your neighborhood grocery store.

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Pumpkin seeds are high in magnesium--156 mg in just an ounce! According to Dr. Oz, magnesium helps raise testosterone levels by making sure more enters the blood stream.

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Honeyrun Mead Ragnar's Dry Mead Honey Wine Central Valley, California NV 750ml – Serve chilled with seafood, light salads.  Approx. $10 - $20

Mead is an alcoholic beverage made from honey. It also contains boron, (if you remember your Chemistry Class, Boron is symbol B atomic number 5) which helps regulate estrogen and testosterone levels and provides a natural energy boost.

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