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The new outfit for today's woman, is CONFIDENCE!  Self Confidence ~ the feeling or belief that you can rely on someone or something ~ yourself!  Trust in yourself.

Yes, it begins with YOU.  Your Sexuality, Your Empowerment, all start with SELF.  Once you trust in yourself, then the confidence manifests into a strong presence.  It shapes your walk, your talk, the way you lick your lips, the stunning effect your entry has on a crowded room.  The magnetic quality and charm that affects others who want desperately to be in your presence. 

Marcia Chambers has created the perfect community for women to gain information about the healing and pleasurable benefits of adult toys that will help them achieve Sexual Wellness & Empowered Living Lifestyles ~ S.W.E.L.L.  She offers Master Classes, Fireside Chats, Retreats and so much more to help you rid your bed of the frustration and mistrust, the betrayal and unfulfilled desires; shift your expectations to develop trust; and build your self esteem to fortify your confidence in you!

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  • Too many women are "settling" into comfortable yet unsatisfying relationships!
  • Too many women feel as if their partners NEVER listen to them nor hear them!
  • Too many women have no time because they are too busy taking care of EVERYONE ELSE and not themselves!.


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S.W.E.L.L for Women - Woman of the Month

Dita Von teese September 28th, 1972



Dita Von Teese was born in Rochester, Michigan on September 28th, 1972. She is an American burlesque dancer who is said to re-popularize burlesque performance. She is known for her passion for 1940’s cinema and classic vintage style. Von Teese is a classically trained ballet dancer, but never felt that was her calling so she incorporates those skills into her burlesque performances. She had always been inspired by lingerie so much that when she was 15 she worked as a sales woman in a lingerie store where she later became a buyer. There weren’t many times that you’d see Dita not wearing corsets and basques with fully fashioned stockings.

Burlesque Career

Dita Von Teese was born Heather Renee Sweet, but later adopted the Dita name from a silent film actress Dita Parlo. You may be wondering then where did she get Von Teese from? Ironically enough she just picked it up out of a phone book. Well, actually the name she picked out of the phone book was Von Treese, but it got misspelled in a magazine to Von Teese and she stuck to it.

Von Teese is frequently labeled the “Queen of Burlesque” in the press. As she started performing in 1992, she states that she, “put the tease back into striptease”. Most of her performances are inspired by 1930 and 1940 musicals and films and props are some of her favorite parts of the performance.  Not only has performed in the burlesque field, but has also appeared on shows such as: Paris’s Crazy Horse Cabaret Club, America’s Next Top Model, and an Erotica 07 show.

Some props that Von Teese is known for is her giant martini glass, a carousel horse, a giant powder compact, a filigree heart and a claw foot bathtub with a working shower head. She also is known for using the world’s largest feather fans that are on display in Hollywood’s Museum of Sex. Want to see some of Dita Von Teese in action? Check out the video below!

Dita Von Teese Current Life

Dita currently resides in Hollywood, California as is still fully living the vintage burlesque lifestyle. A neat thing to know about Von Teese is that her home has a completely pink kitchen with vintage appliances. She also has a room dedicated to hats. That is definitely a dedicated, talented, and gorgeous woman. Not only is Dita Von Teese a burlesque dancer, but she is also a model, costume designer, author, actress, singer, and entrepreneur. Now this goes without saying that she is an incredible role model and inspiration for women and burlesque dancers across the world. If you’d like to visit her website please visit http://www.dita.net/.

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